Suspension 360

Suspension 360
time has become a wilderness

picture / text
Reed O'Beirne

voice artist
James Goodchild

associate producer
Kamila Kuc

Suspension 360  (5:40)   2021

Find yourself perched on a bridge above the River Thames to uncover the tension between the familiarity of a picturesque afternoon and the rising anxiety of a haunted time that is out of joint.

(available as both monoscopic 360 and flat 16x9 video)


filming location
Millennium Bridge

filmming date
9 May 2020

Choose your angle to gaze at the city while groups friends and families pass by in figures of seeming ease. But something is not quite right. The bright afternoon transforms as your voyeuristic observations are sometimes noticed. Meanwhile, an unseen narrator explores a lurking anxiety that slowly rises to evoke a liminal state with figures fading in and out suggesting a fugue-like state of mind that reflects upon the wider context of the world at large.


Recent Exhibitions:

Athens Digital Arts Festival | Athens GR | 30-Oct-21


NOTE: the full films are currently in festival-release and so are not yet publicaly available. But if you have a reason to want to see the full versions now, get in touch!

Suspension 360 Still Image
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