Revelation 360

Revelation 360
experience the experience of watching

picture / text
Reed O'Beirne

voice artist
Heather Tracy

associate producer
Kamila Kuc

Revelation 360  (6:20)   2021

While St. Paul is said to have received his revelation from a celestial third heaven, our unseen narrator challenges you to decipher a revelation of the terrestrial everyday here and now, the impossible conundrum of reality.

(available as monoscopic 360 video)

Revelation 360 Still Image

filming location
St. Paul's Cathedral

You are invited to enter a prismatic rumination on perceptions of spacetime, along with the related confines of language and the complexity of perspective.

Choose your own viewpoint, pause or scrub through time, and rotate in space – all the while being imprisoned within the heterotopia of a mirrored sculpture that partially masks what’s before of you with the reflection of what’s behind.

Revelation 360 poses spatiotemporality as an interrogation, giving you the freedom to navigate through time and space, while indicating the limitations of our conceptions, inevitably tied down by our situated experiences and the circumscriptions of language.

The narrator sees you and offers suggestions for your interpretation that are both certain and uncertain, reassuring and unsettling — leaving you as both the watcher and the watched.

When does it start, where is the middle, and how does it end? Are these even the right questions?


Recent Exhibitions:

Athens Digital Arts Festival | Athens GR | 30-Oct-21

DOK Leipzig - Extended Reality | Leipzig DE | 25-Oct-21


NOTE: the full films are currently in festival-release and so are not yet publicaly available. But if you have a reason to want to see the full versions now, get in touch!

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