What is Blursday.Zone

During the coronavirus lockdowns, my days seem to contract through space and extend through time while losing their sequentiality. The familiar feels like it has dissolved into an estrangement where a rose is no longer a rose even though it still smells as sweet. Habits from the ‘before’ days lurk and try to surface, but many don’t fit in to this time when millions have died, and economic ruination runs amok. What future threads will be woven to knit over these losses? For me, this floating and defamiliarized world is the blursday zone.

In short, Blursday.Zone is an art-technology exploration that addresses a sense of estrangement arising from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic's massive disruptions.

360° Films - Director's Statement

I choose 360 video as a medium in order to respond to the uncanny sense of ‘isolation amongst the many’ that I feel during the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, 360 video positions viewers in a self-isolated stance where they can voyeuristically watch, but not touch, the spherically conjured world that surrounds them. I feel like this contradictory invitation to be immersed in a world you cannot effect works well as a metaphor for the need to avoid others in order to protect them, while at the same time craving to connect and be a part of engaged society.